envis-ION™ DMPTS

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The envis-ION™ Dual Magnetron Pretreatment source is an ideal choice for pretreatment of plastic substrates prior to film deposition. 

By operating at typical sputtering pressures, the envis-ION™ DMPTS is compatible with adjacent processes. 

The DMPTS promotes adhesion without the risk of over treatment typical of anode layer ion sources. For more information, view the application paper.

envis-ION™ DMPTS

Download Datasheet

  • Flexible mounting options
  • 200+ hours per campaign
  • Hidden electrodes produce minimal contamination
  • Compact design
  • Wide operating pressure of 3-40 mTorr
  • Compatible with other PVD processes
  • Able to throw a 50-200 mm beam from the source to the substrate without diminishing the effects of the plasma
  • Fits into your existing equipment
  • Fewer process disruptions; longer campaigns
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Promotes film adhesion
  • Reduced chance of substrate damage
  • Drives off water vapor and other volatile contaminates from the substrate
  • Wide operating pressure
  • Highly tuneable

envis-ION™ DMPTS

Download Datasheet

Max Power

5k W/m

Typical Power

2-4 kW/m

Operating Pressure

 2-40 mTorr

PET Surface Energy at 6.7 m/min

>65 Dynes

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