Binary Gas Manifold (BGMA)

Binary Gas Manifold (BGMA)

The Binary Gas Manifold (BGMA) has equal conductance at each outlet for the most even gas flow and the fastest reactive sputtering response time, regardless of manifold length.

Flow uniformity is verified by finite element analysis.

It has a robust, simple design and is easily cleaned. 

Binary Gas Manifold (BGMA)

  • Equal conductance at each outlet regardless of length
  • Segmented for main gas and additional gases
  • Complete with mounting hardware and waste shielding
  • Robust, simple design
  • Highest uniformity
  • Fast reactive sputtering response time
  • Durable and easy to clean

Binary Gas Manifold (BGMA)

Maximum length

4000 mm

Gas uniformity

<+/-1.2% for alll lengths, non-adjustable

Outlet type

Non-replaceable, non-adjustable

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