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Advanced Magnetics for 125 mm Inside-Diameter Targets

SCI Advanced Magnetics are available in three basic models: the three-row TRM-Bar™ and the four-row mQRM-Bar™ and QRM-Bar™, which have a patented turnaround to increase target utilization.

  • Designed using 3D finite element analysis software to fit your application requirements

  • Contain carefully matched, high-strength magnets that are factory calibrated using an automated magnet bar measurement tool for uniform coatings

  • Have a simple installation procedure with solutions for vertical installation and installation to end blocks from other manufacturers

Maximum Target Outside Diameter

TRM-Bar™: 160 mm

mQRM-Bar™: 170 mm

QRM-Bar™: 180 mm

Gauss (typical)

TRM-Bar™: 540

mQRM-Bar™: 620

QRM-Bar™: 870

Sputter Angle

TRM-Bar™: +/- 12°

mQRM-Bar™: +/- 15°

QRM-Bar™: +/- 21°

Patented Turnaround (increases utilization)

TRM-Bar™: No

mQRM-Bar™: Yes

QRM-Bar™: Yes


TRM-Bar™: Standard targets, most materials

mQRM-Bar™: Thicker targets, high material utilization

QRM-Bar™: Thickest targets, TCOs and other electrical-grade films