RAM-Bar Magnetics

RAM-Bar™ Magnetics

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With the Sputtering Components Remotely Adjustable Magnet Bar (RAM-BarTM) you can adjust the distance between the magnet pack and the target surface from outside the system and during operation.

RAM-Bar™ Magnetics

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  • Self-contained system that uses fiber optics for control
  • Compatible with SCI magnet bars
  • Two modes of operation: precision uniformity adjustment and constant plasma impedance
  • Allows for up to 4 mm vertical difference between adjustment locations
  • Robust industrial communication via Ethernet gateway
  • Control multiple magnet bars through the coater PLC or a dedicated computer
  • Easy-to-use and customizable operational software
  • In-situ uniformity and position adjustments eliminate costly system shutdown. 
  • Very fine tuning meets the most demanding uniformity requirements.
  • The constant impedance mode can reduce process drift and help stabilize the deposition rate throughout the target lifetime.
  • Batteries are standard rechargeable and easily replaceable Li-ion packs.

RAM-Bar™ Magnetics

Download Datasheet

Minimum backing tube length

1 m

Maximum target diameter

180 mm

Adjuster pitch

305 mm (12 inches)

Adjustable uniformity


Movement precision

± 250 µm over the full range of travel 

HMI (beta)

OPC server

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