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SCI 5 years since loss-of-time accident

August 30, 2021

Last Thursday marked five years since we have had a loss-of-time accident.

A loss-of-time accident is when medical attention is required at another care facility outside of SCI.

“We have had a few cuts and scrapes of course but nothing basic first aid couldn’t take care of,” said safety coordinator Duane Lonneman.

SCI implements several basic safety precautions such as the use of safety glasses, gloves and steel-toed shoes, Lonneman said. Employees also take several training courses, which are included in new employee orientation.

“Beyond that we make every attempt to make workstations safer and more ergonomic, such as installing a jib hoist for moving heavy parts,” Lonneman said.

To get an outside look, every 2 years SCI invites OSHA safety consultants to do a full review of the facility and safety practices. 

“This has been very valuable as they continuously make our facility safer and educate us on what we need to be aware of to keep employees safe,” Lonneman said.

A team reviews all near misses—even ones that do not cause an injury—for root cause, possible correction. Personnel who may be affected are kept in the loop.

“I attribute this safety record to the quality of the employees and the safety culture we follow,” Lonneman said. “Our employees consciously work safely. They also elevate concerns they see because they know they will be addressed.”

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