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envis-ION™ Dual Magnetron Pretreatment Source

The envis-ION™ Dual Magnetron Pretreatment Source (DMPTS) drives off water vapor and other volatile contaminants from the substrate for improved adhesion and durability while reducing the chance of substrate damage due to lower ion energies.

Compatible with other PVD processes, it has a wide operating pressure and is highly tunable for a broad operating range.

More than 200 hours per campaign means fewer process disruptions. Target change is fast. Hidden electrodes produce minimal contamination for a long electrode life that results in low cost of ownership.

With flexible mounting options and a compact design, it fits into existing equipment.

  • Flange: All utilities exit the back of the source through the flange.
  • Cantilever: All utilities exit the end.
  • Remote: The utilities are flexible and can exit the back, the end, or travel from the source through flexible bellows.

For more information, see the application paper or our product introduction webinar.

Power (Maximum)

5 kW/m

Power (Typical)

2 - 4 kW/m

Operating Pressure

1 - 40 mTorr

PET Surface Energy at 6.7 m/min

>65 Dynes

Effective Source-to-Substrate Range

50 - 200 mm