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e-Cathode™ Process Lids and Doors

Sputtering Components e-Cathode™ process lids (compartments) and doors are a turnkey solution for new or existing coaters.

OEM lids for new coaters

Available in both digital and analog formats, vertical or horizontal orientation and customized to end user needs. OEM lids and doors can be purchased as a complete system or scaled-back according to your requirements.

Lid clones

For users needing to add cathodes to their existing coater, our process lid clones match all your current external mechanical and electrical interfaces but use SCI end blocks, magnet bars and control systems. We can also modify your existing lid designs to meet your changing needs.

Cathode retrofits

If unreliable cathodes are affecting your bottom line, you can improve coater efficiency and lower maintenance costs with a cathode retrofit by Sputtering Components. 

  • For any manufacturer's cathodes, we have a “plug-and-play,” retrofit kit that will match your current external mechanical and electrical interfaces and will be compatible with existing control systems.
  • You can keep using your magnet bars and target tubes to ensure the retrofit will not affect your process, or you can switch to our industry-proven Advanced Magnetics.
  • You can install the retrofit kits at your facility, with as much or as little help from us as you need.

For more information, see our webinar "Reducing the hidden costs of glass coating with a cathode retrofit."

Outboard Logic

Digital: PLC

Analog: Relay




Digital: Local (touch screen); Remote (Ethernet, Profibus, DH+)

Analog: Local (light, switches); Remote (discrete, I/0)


Digital: Real time and advanced parameter

Analog: Basic parameter

Water Flow

Digital: Flow rate indicator

Analog: Flow switch

Water Temperature

Optional with digital models

Onboard MFC

Optional with digital models

Differential Pumping


Gas Manifolds