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Swing-DUO™ Software

For use with our exclusive Swing CathodeTM, our Dynamic Uniformity Optimization (Swing-DUOTM) software simulates and optimizes the motion profile used to control SCI magnet bar movement. It has a web-based, user-friendly, interface.

To use the software:

  • Uniformity optimization allows for constant power or variable power.
  • Coater configurations can be quickly designed for optimal uniformity of deposition.
  • Uniformity drift over the life of the target can be prevented by creating multiple CAM tables for different target diameters.
  • The amount of wasted material (material not deposited on the substrate) is displayed as a function of the motion profiles.
  • Dwell-based simulation determines the key deposition angles and calculates the time required at each angle.
  • CAM table output simplifies servo programming (angle and time format).
  • Uniformity compensation adjusts for systematic issues in the form of motion profile changes.