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Parts, Service and Training

Order parts

SCI stocks wear and spare parts for fast delivery. We also manufacture any other part as needed.

  • Worldwide replacement-part-management network with fast shipment
  • Guaranteed original parts manufactured by Sputtering Components for the best availability and reliability.

For ordering, please contact your regional sales representative.

If possible, please have the six-digit part number, which can be found in the user manual.

Recommended spares for basic cathodes

  • Target O-ring
  • Target clamp screw
  • Complete seal kit (includes rotary vacuum seal kit, rotary water seal kit, static seal kit and greases)
  • End shield bushing

Arrange product service

Whether for startup, repair or troubleshooting, we provide service and support worldwide through our in-house service technicians and global service staff.

For service, please contact your regional sales representative or complete a service ticket.

Preventive maintenance and inspection

  • Fitness check of all machine functions
  • Comprehensive, customer-specific maintenance service for continued optimal productivity and cost savings when repairs are needed.

Overhaul and upgrades (Can be done on site or at one of our locations)

  • Upgrade to the latest features or to new components.
  • Make your process lid new again with a lid retrofit.
  • Extend operating range.
  • Provide improved performance and longer equipment life.

Assistance with equipment relocation to another coater or with a coater extension

We can help you move your end blocks or process lids to another coater or extend your coater with additional process lids. 

Schedule a training session

Thoroughly trained and motivated personnel will raise the quality standard you achieve with Sputtering Components equipment, ensuring your organization’s long-term success.

Virtual or in-person at one of our locations or yours, we tailor training to your requirements.

  • Basics of vacuum technology and sputtering
  • Practical training on preventive maintenance
  • Practical training on machine operation

For more information, please contact the Sputtering Components Service Department: