SCI provides rotating sputtering cathodes (cylindrical magnetrons), magnetics and complete process lid systems for PVD coating systems of any width.


    Internal-Mount End Blocks

    SCI internal-mount (drop-in) end blocks are very reliable and have a simple, easy-to-maintain design.

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  • External-Mount-Array-with-backgroundnew

    External-Mount End Blocks

    SCI external-mount end blocks provide wide coverage. Most maintenance can be performed outside the chamber, even when under vacuum. 

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  • RAM_with_Background

    RAM-Bar Magnetics

    With the Sputtering Components Remotely Adjustable Magnet Bar (RAM-BarTM) you can adjust the distance between the magnet pack and the target surface from outside…

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    e-Cathode Process Lid Systems

    SCI e-CathodeTM process lids are a complete, turnkey lid solution, whether for new systems or lid replacements.

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  • Magnet_Bars_-_New_Machined_with_Background_285_170


    SCI  magnetics give you the flexibility you need. Provided with encapsulated magnets, these sputtering magnetrons are adaptable to fit your process requirements.


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  • Swing_Cathode_Product_Pic_Rev_B_w_blue_bckgrnd_285_170

    Swing Cathode

    With the Swing CathodeTM end block, the magnet pack swings in a programmable rotary axis that is independent of the rotating target tube, making it an…

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  • DMPTS_Product_Pic_Rev_C

    envis-ION DMPTS

    The envis-ION™ Dual Magnetron Pretreatment source is an ideal choice for pretreatment of plastic substrates prior to film deposition. 

    By operating at…

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  • SwingDuo_Screen_Shot_148_170

    Swing-DUO Software

    For use with our exclusive Swing CathodeTM, Swing-DUOTM (Dynamic Uniformity Optimization) software simulates and optimizes the motion profile used to control SCI…

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    Gas Manifolds

    So you can achieve a more even gas flow along the length of the target, Sputtering Components offers three standard gas manifold designs. 

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