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MM/MMS Tools

Complete MM/MMS toolkit (100953)

Includes all the tools listed below unless noted

Lifting strap (102273)

Move the end block during installation and maintenance

Laser alignment tool kit (includes target and laser tool) (101509)

Align the end block to the outboard assembly during installation; prevents premature part wear

Magnet bar install and removal tool (114694)

Insert and remove the magnet bar during target changes

Sputter angle wrench (102272)

Set the magnet bar sputter angle

End shield and end cap bushing gauge (117342)

Check for excessive wear on the outboard assembly bushing and the target end cap bushing (go/no-go gauge); for use every vent

Magnet bar support bushing tool (101518)

Press the bushing into the target end cap

Target end shield bushing tool (101516)

Press the bushing in and out of the outboard assembly

Vacuum seal cartridge removal and installation tool (101994)

Remove and install the vacuum seal assembly

Vacuum and water seal tool (102006)

Press the water seals into the seal housing

Drive shaft tool (102937)

1) Push the drive shaft assembly out of the end block, and 2) install the drive shaft assembly into the end block

Sleeve tool (102032)

1) Remove the bearings from the drive shaft, 2) press the bearings onto the drive shaft, and 3) install the pulley onto the drive shaft

T-handle torque wrench (108147)

Tighten the drive belt to the optimum amount to prevent slippage and premature wear

Maintenance stand (100444)

Support and rotate the end block during maintenance

End block lifting tool (107153)

Move the end block in place during installation with vertically-oriented cathodes.