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TC Tools

Complete TC toolkit (100967)

Includes all the tools listed below unless noted

Laser alignment tool kit (includes target and laser tool) (114792)

Align the end blocks during installation; prevents premature part wear

T-handle torque wrench (108147)

Tighten the drive belt to the optimum amount to prevent slippage and premature wear

Magnet bar support bushing tool (101518)

1) Press the bearing into the idler shaft, 2) press the idler shaft assembly into the magnet bar support, and 3) push the drive shaft into the end block

Rotary seal installation tool (102082)

1) Press the seals into the seal housings, and 2) press the seal assemblies into the end block

TC disassembly tool (102083)

1) Remove the vacuum seal assembly from the drive side, 2) remove the vacuum-water seal assembly from the power/water side, 3) remove the idler shaft from the power/water side, and 4) remove the drive insulator and drive shaft from the drive side