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Lid Retrofit

If unreliable cathodes are affecting your bottom line, you can improve coater efficiency and lower maintenance costs with a lid retrofit by Sputtering Components. 

  • For any manufacturer's cathodes, we have a “plug-and-play,” retrofit kit that will match your current external mechanical and electrical interfaces and will be compatible with existing control systems.
  • You can keep using your magnet bars and target tubes to ensure the retrofit will not affect your process, or you can switch to our industry-proven Advanced Magnetics.
  • You can install the retrofit kits at your facility, with as much or as little help from us as you need.


  • Save as much as $8000 in maintenance costs each year for each cathode:
    - Parts and repair
    - Removal, re-installation, alignment
    - Packing and shipping back to the manufacturer
  • Reduce coater downtime due to end block failures.
  • Eliminate the need to stock spare end blocks.
  • Earn a return on investment in as little as three years.

For more information, see our webinar "Reducing the hidden costs of glass coating with a cathode retrofit."