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SM-Series External-Mount End Block

Our largest external-mount end block, the SM can accommodate targets up to 4000 mm (supported) and has a power rating of up to 200 kW DC or 80 kHz MFAC.

It uses the same patented technology as our internal end blocks to deliver outstanding value, performance and reliability but has a wider substrate coverage and customizable drive shaft length.


Simple, singled-ended design with outboard support if required for quick target changes, high reliability and easy maintenance; for 125 mm ID targets

Power (Maximum)

200 kW DC or MFAC


1500 V / 450 A

Target Length (Maximum)

4000 mm


Do-it-yourself on your schedule and in your facility; instructional videos available. 

The end block can stay mounted with external utilities attached. 

Typical requirements:

  • Seal kit and bushings every 2 years (1 hour)
  • Static seals, bearings and belt after 10 years (3 hours)

Custom tools available