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MC Swing Cathode™

For mounting inside a vacuum chamber, the new MC Swing Cathode™ accommodates larger substrates and can replace planar cathodes without modifying the chamber.

The magnet pack swings in a programmable rotary axis that is independent of the rotating target tube, making it an ideal system for display or 3D part coating.

Uniformity of < ±1% can be achieved on a static substrate (compared to > ± 15% on static substrates when not using swing).

Other uses for Swing Cathodes™ are to pivot the magnet bar to a burn in location or to make magnet bar position adjustments via remote control.

Swing Duo™ software helps determine motion profiles.

For more information, see the application paper


Simple, singled-ended design with outboard support if required for quick target changes, high reliability and easy maintenance; for 125 mm ID targets

Electrical rating

100 kW; 1500 / 225 A
(DC or 80 kHz AC)

Target maximum length

2500 mm

Maximum load

1000 kg horizontal
200 kg vertical


Typical requirements:

  • Seal kit and bushings every 2 years (1 hour)
  • Static seals, bearings and belt after 10 years (3 hours)

Do-it-yourself on your schedule and in your facility. Instructional videos are available.

The end block can stay mounted.

Custom tools available