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RAM-Bar™ (Remotely Adjustable Magnet Bar)

With the Remotely Adjustable Magnet Bar, you can position and fine tune the distance between the magnetics and the target surface from outside the system and during operation to eliminate costly system shutdown.

Compatible with all SCI end blocks for 125 mm ID targets and available with any of the advanced magnetics, the RAM-Bar™ allows for up to 4 mm vertical difference between adjustment locations for very fine tuning. It can attain uniformity requirements of less than +/-1%.

Batteries are easily replaceable, standard rechargeable Li-ion packs.

The system has robust industrial communication via Ethernet gateway and fiber optics for control. Multiple magnet bars can be controlled through the coater PLC or using a dedicated computer. The software is easy-to-use and customizable.

The RAM-Bar™ has two methods of operation: precision uniformity adjustment and constant plasma impedance. The constant impedance method can reduce process drift and help stabilize the deposition rate throughout the target lifetime.

Target/Backing Tube Length

550 - 4000 mm

Maximum Target Diameter

180 mm

Adjuster Pitch

305 mm (12 inches)

Maximum Film Uniformity


Movement Precision

± 250 µm of travel